Database Cleansing

Only accurate data gets results. Inaccurate data limits marketing effectiveness and damages business reputations.


The world of data changes so quickly:

  • Every 6 minutes a business moves location.
  • Every 4 minutes another business fails.
  • Over 5.7 MILLION business & employee details change each year.
  • Over 35% of named business information is incorrect within a year.

Our expert team rigorously checks your data to ensure you have a fully working database ready to be targeted. Once your data has been cleansed you can be confident that whether you are sending a direct mail, telemarketing, sending a newsletter or offer by post or e-mail, your communication will reach the right people. This keeps costs down, gives a better return on your investment and reduces spam keeping both yours and our reputation intact. Senda provides the most cost-effective way of ensuring that your existing records are as accurate as possible.